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Dance Works Curriculum

Pre-Ballet, Tap, Tumble & Primary (ages 3-5)  These classes teach boys and girls the fundamentals of ballet and tap dance while incorporating creative movement and tumbling. The diversity of these classes holds even the busiest child's attention.


Ballet (ages 6-18)  Ballet is considered the foundation of artistic dance. Its meticulous attention to technical detail makes it invaluable for any dancer. Combining proper alignment and body placement, seamless transitions through standard arm, leg, and feet position along with astute sense of timing, trains dancers to be clean, versatile performers.

Pointe (ages 12-18)  Intermediate to advanced level ballet dancer. This discipline is intricate & challenging, yet extremely beautiful. Prerequisite: Must have Director's approval.


Tumble (ages 6 - 18)  Structured acrobatic movements for students in order to learn the fundamentals of tumbling and stunt movement.  This will provide strength training and proper stretching techniques.


Tap (ages 6 - 18)  Tap is a smooth and intricate yet percussive and stylish form of dance.  Excellent for motor skills and rhythms!


Jazz (ages 6-18)  Although no one can pinpoint it's beginning, both Broadway and Hollywood have made these types of dance big on stage and on screen.  Jazz combines leaps, turns and jumps which create a technical style of dance.


Contemporary & Lyrical (ages 8-18)  A style of dance that is very grounded and favors movement driving from the expression of inner feelings.  Prerequisite:  Ballet & Jazz experience.


Hip Hop (ages 4 - 18)  Hip Hop is a blend of today's high energy "street style" movement.  This form of dance has been sought after by teen, preteens, and the "young at heart". 


Adult Classes (Age 18 & Beyond)  Offered in Ballet, Tap and Jazz.  Its never to late to try these exciting classes! 


Hot Yoga (Ages 18 & Beyond) Yoga provides deep, systemic cleansing. The warm room allows the body to be more flexible, relieves arthritic pains, balances hormones, metabolizes fat, improves endurance, enhances the immune system, regulates body temperature, helps reduce back pain, relieves stress, normalizes blood pressure, boosts the mood, and creates mental clarity. Drink plenty of water and bring a mat and bath towel to class. 


Aerial (6 years & Beyond) These classes offer a combination of Aerial Stretch, Fitness, Yoga, and Dance. A fun and exhilarating way to gain strength, flexibility, endurance, and assist in weight loss and toning! We offer Aerial classes for all levels of Fitness. All moves can be modified from a beginning level to an advanced level.