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Booster Club Board

President: Beverly O'Hara

Vice President: Holly Hicks

Secretary: Amanda Paulsen

Treasurer:  Kelsie Long 

Trustee: Allison Cretors

We are all very committed to making booster club work as an effective and wonderful organization for all the dancers and hope to see you all soon!

  • What does booster club do?

We fund raise to support our dancers, throw parties to booster team spirit, and arrange occasional performances to show off what our dancers can do.

  • Who can join?

Anyone who has an active dancer here at Lisa Allen’s Dance Works.

  • What does it cost?

Twenty five dollars which helps allay the costs associated with running a booster club.

  • Does every dancer need to be a booster club member? 

Dazzlers are required to be a booster member. All dancers are welcome to join the club and benefit from the fundraising 

  • Are meetings a requirement for membership?

Yes, attendance or proxy is needed. 


Even if you are not a member, donations are always welcome! 

Thank you for your curiosity and support.



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