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Booster Club Board

President: Brandy Champeau

Vice President: Cassie McGraw

Secretary: Amanda Paulsen

Treasurer:  Ashley Mandell 

Trustee: Noel Walker

We are all very committed to making booster club work as an effective and wonderful organization for all the dancers and hope to see you all soon!

  • What does booster club do?

We fund raise to support our dancers, throw parties to bolster team spirit, and arrange occasional performances to show off what our dancers can do.

  • Who can join?

Anyone who has an active dancer here at Lisa Allen’s.

  • What does it cost?

Twenty five dollars which helps allay the costs associated with running a booster club.

  • Will you or your dancer be excluded from functions if you aren’t a member?

No, but you will not be able to collect fundraising money from the functions unless you are a member and the more people we have involved the better we can make booster club work for everyone.

  • Are meetings a requirement for membership?

Not at all. Minutes from the meetings will be made widely available in various sources (snack bar, email, Facebook, etc.) However, if you would like to vote or bring up an idea you must be present. 


Even if you are not a member, donations are always welcome! 

Thank you for your curiosity and support.



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