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Alexandra Cooper is 10 years old and is starting her 8th year of dance at LADW. She eats, sleeps, and breathes any and all dance. She hopes to become a professional dancer one day, and given her drive and commitment, we know she'll do just that. 
"Practice makes permanent, not perfect! No one is perfect." -Alex 

Alexis Stone began her dancing career at the age of 4 with I AM Dance Academy in Cape Charles, VA. Alexis joined Lisa Allen’s Dance Works (LADW) in 2010, at the age of 9. In 2012 Alexis auditioned for the LADW Dazzlers and began her competition career. She earned numerous awards for both team and solo competition. Her most notable achievements were winning First Place in the Junior Solo Division at Star Power Competition in 2013 and receiving a special invitation to attend the Cathy Roe’s Ultimate Dance Nationals in 2014 in Ohio. The awards she has earned dancing at Lisa Allen’s include: Most Improved Hip Hop (2012), Star Student (2013), Dazzler of the Year (2014 and 2016), and the Ham & Cheese award (2015). 
Madisen Fish loves to dance! She has been dancing at Lisa Allen's Dance works for 4 years. This year is her 2nd year on the competition team. She been dancing since she was just 4 years old. Tumbling and tap are her favorite genres! 
Caroline Groover
Ariel Najera is 10 years old. Born and raised in San Diego, California to military parents. She moved to Arizona at the age 5 and started dance classes. One class lead to 6 and she soon joined the performing team at her studio for the next few years. When she moved to Yulee, Fl in January of 2016, she joined Lisa Allen's Dance Works. She loves dancing at Lisa Allen's and loves being a part of the Dazzler Competition Team. 
Sophia Lowe began dancing at the age of three. She began competing in dance in 2013 and has loved every minute of it! She's won multiple awards including a Platinum Elite and Personality Award for her very first solo this past year! We are looking forward to this season with LADW!! 
Razzle Dazzle!!!
Sydney Mathews just completed her 2nd year at Lisa Allen's Dance Works. Her classes included Ballet/Tap and Musical Theater as well as dancing in parades and Christmas shows in town. Her 1st year of dancing at LADW, Sydney received the "Most Improved Junior Tap" award of which she is very proud! She is super excited to be joining the Dance Works Dazzlers competition team this year! Aside from her Performing Arts, Sydney loves to draw, paint, make crafts, read, play Minecraft, play with her cat and dog, and hang out with her friends and family.  

Windsor Lane Weaver has been dancing with LADW for 3 years and loves ballet and tumble. She takes piano and is actively involved in the St. Mary's Children's Theatre. She loves playing video games and her family would describe her as a fashionista!  
Molly Minton has just begun her dancing adventures this year with Lisa Allen's Danceworks. She is loving every moment. She got over her first case of stage fright at the May showcase, and she has said she wants to be a life-long dancer. Molly has just joined the Dazzler team. Her favorite dance class is tumbling, but she feels she is best at ballet at this time. In Molly's spare time she loves to read and spend time with her friends.
Alison Bogler is 10 yrs old and this is her 1st year on the Dazzler team. She began dancing at 3 yrs old. She took a break from dance when she moved to Virginia, but returned to Lisa Allen's Dance Works in 2015 upon her return to Georgia. She has added new classes each year. In her spare time she likes to spend time with her family in Walt Disney World. She hopes to become a pediatric surgeon when she grows up.
Olivia Barwick has been dancing since the young age of three. Olivia uses dance to best express herself. She loves to work hard at dancing and she loves to be challenged. 
Meet the Petites
Scarlett Budd is a 7-year-old who has been dancing since she could walk. She started classes at LADW at four years old and this is her first year as a Dazzler. She enjoys making up songs and dances in her spare time, and playing outside with her friends.
Victoria Grace Newton has been dancing at Lisa Allen's since age 7. She has participated in numerous parades and festivals. Victoria Grace is a Dazzler for the competition team for the fourth year. She also performed during half time at the Harlem Globetrotters show in Jacksonville, Florida. Victoria Grace enjoys many styles of dance with contemporary being her favorite style.
Sarah Richardson
Lilly Rose is 10 years old. She and her sister, Grace, danced for a year when she was 4. She started again last year, 2016, with the SMCT and soon after began dancing at LADW. She is passionate and disciplined in her study and performance, but she is all about the dance. This is her first year as a Dazzler and she currently takes Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Tumble and Hip Hop at LADW. She loves every single class and form of dance. She was in SMCT production of Mary Poppins, where she played several ensemble roles. She has learned and grown so much from her participation in the last 2 SMCT Broadway Camps and this years Dazzler Camp 2017. We are excited to see her rock it this year with her sister and the LADW Dazzlers.
Grace Rose is 9 years old. She and her sister, Lilly, danced for a year when she was 3. She started again a year ago with the SMCT and soon after started dancing with LADW. She is enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated to dance and performance. This is her first year as a Dazzler. She appeared in the SMCT performance of Mary Poppins and Beauty & the Beast where she played multiple ensemble roles. She currently studies Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop & Tumble at LADW. She is looking forward to this year and competition. She has gained a great deal of confidence and skill from the 2016 & 2017 Broadway Camps and this years Dazzler Camp 2017. We can't wait to see where this takes her, her sister and the LADW Dazzlers.
Meet the Minnies
Nyla Corbin is a 5 year old kindergarten student at St. Marys Elementary School. She started dancing at 3 years old in Virginia and continued with Lisa Allen after moving to the area 2 years ago. She also participated in her first play, James and the Giant Peach, in July. In addition to dance and theater, she enjoys reading, drawing, playing with dolls, and going to the pool or beach. Nyla is excited to be a Minnie Dazzler!
Isabelle Goodman
Joie Mae Struble's infatuation for dance began when she was just a year old. After years of begging to take a dance class, her parents registered her to begin lessons with Lisa Allen in 2017 at the age of 4. After dancing for only a few months, she auditioned to become a Dazzler. Her heart was overwhelmed with joy when she was chosen to be Minnie Dazzler. Joie Mae is excited to learn and grow as a dancer over the years to come.  
Kendall Lee, age 5, is new to the world of dance. She began dancing at Lisa Allen's Dance Works this year and absolutely loves it. Kendall is our little princess, she loves makeup, fluffy dresses, and the color pink. She aspires to be a ballroom dancer one day. In the words of Kendall, "I'm gonna sass it up!" 
Abby Crosby is 13 years old and started dance when she was 7. She started her love for dance at Coastal Dance Studio in St. Marys, GA and just joined Lisa Allen’s Dance Works last year. Her favorite styles of dance are tap and contemporary. She is also very excited to compete this year.
Tiana Heck has been dancing for 6 years now. She started ballet when she was 3 years old. During her dancing Tianna performed in the Nutcracker show with the Dance Academy of Ballet and Arts in Washington state. This is her first year on the Dazzler team and she is very excited to be a part of it!
Sarah Rhyan is a creative, outgoing, and active young lady who loves reading, Legos, playing outside, and, of course, dancing. She has been taking classes at Lisa Allen's Dance Works for 5 years now including ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, and tumble. Sarah enjoys participating in studio events such as the annual showcase, parades, and Christmas performances. She is excited about all she will learn in her first year on the competition team!
Ashley Rhodes
Carolyne Reifsnyder is a 10 year old 5th grader in her 4th year at Lisa Allen's Dance Works. Carolyne was invited to join the Dazzler team this year. She was surprised and thrilled! In the past four years, Carolyne has practiced many dance styles, but her favorite is Tumble, followed closely by Contemporary. Besides dancing, she enjoys Aerial Silks and Musical Theater. She also loves playing with her three Labrador Retrienevers: Lily (her favorite), Bear and Kody.